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Software Consulting, Cybersecurity &
LaaS (Leadership-as-a-Service)

We provide a wide range of software development (onshore, offshore and nearshore) services & fractional technology leadership (CTO/SVP/VP) service. Services include but not limited to Software Development, Cybersecurity, on-perm/cloud migration, containerization, cloud & on-perm server hardening, tuning/optimizations, administration, code vulnerability evaluation and remediation, proactive security patching etc. Setting up wired/wireless SOHO network,  administering various basic services for SMBs like secure internet router, firewall, web server, mail server, file services like sftp and more ...

Consulting Areas

Fractional LaaS (Leadership-as-a-Service)

✪ Technology leadership & management
✪ Leading software development management [on|off|near] shore
✪ InfoSec vulnerability assessment & remediation
✪ Cloud transformation, scalability, robustness and maintainability
✪ Technology products and services development and delivery
✪ Technology vision, roadmap and strategy
✪ Technology research and evaluation

Software Consulting Services

✪ All aspects of Software development/delivery/support/maintenance with resources at [on|off|near] shore
✪ Cybersecurity consulting
✪ Containerization of new and legacy apps (Docker, k8s technologies)
✪ Transform legacy applications to micro-services
✪ Cloud & on-perm server hardening, administration, support, software vulnerability & remediation
✪ DevOps & Automation

SMB & Other 

Desktop/laptop support & services including virus/malware support. Setting up wired/wireless SOHO network, administering various basic services for SMBs like secure internet router, firewall, web server, mail server, file services like sftp etc. Operating System support including Linux & Windows system administration... etc

Mobirise Website Builder

About Us 

We have over three decades of experience in Software Development leading medium-large (50-200) size global software engineering organizations with multi-billion dollars in revenue; years of experience in DevOps, cloud-technologies, containerization, on-perm/cloud migration, agile transformation, secure coding, production system tuning/optimizations, information security (code vulnerability and remediation) and, various Opensource Technologies. 

Why choose Us?

While there are so many boutique software consulting firms out there what is so unique about us that sets us apart from others? The answer is simple, we have more than a decade of experience in technology leadership coupled with solid hands-on expertise at all levels which is a unique combination and strength. Our goal is to build/deliver/support/maintain software systems for you at PQR3 (Performance, Quality, Reliable, Robust, Resilient) level at a very affordable cost to you. Our expertise is both building new systems with PQR3 in mind from the ground up as well as transforming existing legacy systems to scale close to PQR3 level. We also have a track record of architecting and delivering reliable and scalable systems at variety of industries/areas such internet/e-commerce, network management/security, Fin-Tech, Prop-Tech, Health-Tech on both cloud and on-perm infrastructure. Our experience includes working for very large corporations like GE, Raytheon, McAfee, CapitalOne, Experian, RealPage, & AMN Healthcare. 

Leadership Team

Arul Selvan

Information technology leader with three decades of experience in delivering reliable and scalable systems in a variety of areas, such as internet/e-commerce, network management/security, financial systems, healthcare systems etc.

Free Security Tools

Free online tools for password management, encryption, & security related areas.

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